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How to Plan Small Projects

I have written a book to assist people preparing to start a small project. It is about how to plan your project so that you give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding.

If you would like to read a sample of the book, or purchase the book, you can buy it at - click below to go to the relevant page at Lulu.

How to Plan Small Projects
"'How to Plan Small Projects' is an effective practical book. Its small size enables rapid application. I recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their project planning skills, and to managers seeking improvement and consistency from staff. Indeed, the book could form the basis of an organisational project planning policy."

- Peter Black
Business Lifestyle Pty Ltd
23 February 2012

Read full review here...

I have created two short book trailers in PowerPoint at to tell you a bit about the book. Check out 'what the book's for' below. Click here for 'what's in the book'.
Book Trailer - How to Plan Small Projects ('what it's for') from Performance People Pty Ltd

If you have the book, and would like to download a Word version of the template, click here
Project Plan template

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