General Consulting

General Consulting

As a management consultancy based in a regional city, Performance People is called upon for a wide range of tasks in support of managers, especially in the community, health and education sectors. These activities vary from developing a policy framework to rewriting an organisation’s Constitution and governance documents to providing coaching in business writing and dozens of others over the last 24 years.

Examples of significant consultancies include:

Working closely with CEOs to facilitate a number of significant organisational restructures. In each case working to achieve transformational change during a significant realignment of the community sector. This included interviews and focus groups with stakeholders; facilitating workshops to establish strong and supportive linkages across leadership roles; and assisting in communicating the new structure.

Co-facilitating action learning in ‘skills coaching’ and supervision for operational supervisors and team leaders at BlueScope Steel (formerly BHP) in association with Teamwork Consulting™.  This included the presentation of model methods; videoing of exercises; and intensive feedback.

Facilitated the development of a project plan for implementing a large organisation’s newly developed Workforce Planning Framework.  In particular, this involved gaining a shared understanding of the framework, identifying objectives and resources, and developing a broad schedule of work.

Working with a large organisation with diverse activities and property holdings to develop a Strategic Resource Plan which included a short history of the organisation, a description of its key activities, opportunities and challenges, an analysis of each property, including potential uses and value, and recommendations for future resource deployment.

Preparing a small organisation for ISO 9001 accreditation, including developing a Quality Manual, documenting processes, and preparing the organisation for a new approach to planning, structuring and monitoring work.

Developed a comprehensive Business Excellence Framework used to identify winners and place-getters in the 2000s for the Rockhampton Regional Development Limited and Ergon Energy Business Excellence Awards.

Facilitating a week-long retreat on-country with an organisation working closely with Indigenous Traditional Owners and other stakeholders. This involved managing the agenda, handing over to content experts, facilitating question and answer sessions, giving people a voice in the proceedings, and generally seeking to assist in achieving goals and desired outcomes.

With a number of organisations in the community sector across Queensland, assisted in re-developing the Performance Review process and documentation to align more closely with the organisation’s future aspirations with regard to accountability and autonomy. Generally emphasising that the form provided is a starting point for a conversation encouraging goal-setting, learning and self-reflection.