Group Facilitation

Group Facilitation

Geoff has a passion for working with people in groups to forge a path forwards. At Performance People we work closely with organisations in regional Queensland and beyond to assist them to choose their pathway; map out their goals; develop a workplan or a process; and/or nut out a difficult problem. Geoff does this work with organisations in the community sector, health, higher education, all three levels of government, and the private sector.

This work has involved:

  • Developing strategic and operational plans.
  • Determining how to establish a new organisational unit or a new business direction.
  • Identifying the organisation’s vision, mission and values.
  • Evaluating progress on important initiatives.
  • Establishing a shared direction involving executive management.
  • Agreeing to aspects of governance with a Board of Directors or a Management Committee.
  • Drawing out and visually representing input to key business documents.
  • Working towards consensus on contentious issues.

Examples of significant activities include:

Working with senior staff and managers at a not-for-profit organisation to design a new way to manage performance improvement and accountability. This included drawing out a shared understanding of current and near-term challenges and the potential opportunities to be brought about through change.

Facilitating a two-day retreat with a teaching business unit at CQUniversity Australia, including planning the running sheet and collaborative activities, staying on-track throughout the proceedings, dealing with changes and conflict as they arose, and collating workshop outcomes into a report.

Undertaking the role of Master of Ceremonies for the annual CQ Youth Connect Interagency Health Forum since 2017. This includes participating in planning the day, welcoming the audience and presenters, introducing the agenda, introducing speakers and courteously encouraging speakers to wrap-up on time; as well as co-managing the day in terms of changes to the agenda, often on the fly.

Facilitating a series of workshops with stakeholders in Indigenous primary health care on behalf of the Primary Health Network. These workshops were about transitioning a chronic health program from government-auspice to community control. The project included participating in collaborative planning of each session, facilitating the sessions, documenting session outcomes and collating these outcomes into a final report.