Management Training

Management Training

A key organisational challenge is the development and maintenance of leadership and management capabilities. One way to supplement the learning that occurs on-the-job through experience, observation and mentoring is to conduct periodic leadership development training for soon-to-be, new and current managers and team leaders. We have developed and delivered a range of continuing education programs primarily in leadership and management skills. These are available as face-to-face workshops and by webinar (or a mixture).


(this is the current list, subject to change)

The Emerging Leaders Program

Ten ½ day workshops in which recently appointed leaders and people with potential for leadership roles are given a series of learning opportunities to develop as a leader.

Topics include:  What is Leadership?; Empowering Self & Others; Practical Business Planning; Managing the Task, Not the Person; Interpersonal Skills; Business Writing; Negotiation Skills; Coaching for Improved Performance; Making Business Decisions; Planning for Project Success; and Innovation!

Dealing With Difficult People

A 1 day workshop in which people who are responsible for getting things done through people can work on their skills in doing this while working with hostile or de-motivated staff. The participants work on listening skills, difficult conversations, unexpected conflict and self-care. The approach involves working on realistic, but not actual, situations. It includes role plays as well as instruction and class discussions.

Team Building Workshop

A 1 day workshop for an intact team (a team that is currently work together). The workshop focusses on identifying a ‘team purpose’, building a positive team culture and introduces the DiSC Profile to better understand how we work together.

The DiSC Profile is a simple tool to better understand people’s behaviour and communication with others. It gives people insight into how a their behaviour and communication may be interpreted by others. Through sharing, insights also occur into other people’s behaviour and communication.

Warning: This workshop is not appropriate as a ‘crisis intervention’ in a failing team, as it involves people revealing things about themselves that can be used to manipulate vulnerable people. Team members are expected to come with an open mind, willing to get to know themselves and each other better.

Professional Presentation Skills Bootcamp

A series of 5-6 two-hour sessions comprising mini-lectures on technique (from planning to delivery); watching and critiquing presentations by prominent speakers; and delivering 2 major presentations (one using PowerPoint). The presentations are critiqued by the facilitator. Topics include planning, purpose, audience, structure, preparation, practice, delivery, audience engagement, dealing with questions and interjections, powerful PowerPoint; and giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Risk Management Workshop

A 1 day workshop which includes both risk concepts and approaches to risk management. Participants do some sample work in identifying, rating and qualifying risks. The approach conforms to ISO 31000:2018.

Introduction to Design Thinking & Service Design

A 1 day workshop which shares design thinking principles and service design practices and tools that are accessible to non-designers. Participants use examples from their workplace to learn the tools and techniques.

Time & Priority Management Workshop

A ½ or 1 day workshop during which participants revisit and further develop their own time and priority management approach.

Conducting Outcomes Focussed Meetings

A ½ day workshop which develops the skills of people chairing internal meetings and meetings with external stakeholders. Topics include agenda, venue and invitations; comprehensive vs actions-only minutes; staying on-topic; and managing discussions.

Business Writing

A 1 day workshop in which generic business writing skills are developed through the lens of writing business letters. If relevant, reporting and other writing tasks can be incorporated.

Facilitation Skills for Leaders

2 x ½ day sessions for leaders to work on their facilitation skills. The first session involves learning about facilitation, including practices and common tools; and the second session involves each leader taking it in turns to facilitate a problem solving activity, during which they apply the skills from the previous session.

The Basics of Project Planning

A ½ day workshop in which participants develop a project plan for a current or future project using a simple Word template. Topics include project purpose and objectives, people involved in the project (from champion to eventual consumers), the project approach, project schedule, and project risk.

Project Management Workshop

A 2 day workshop in which participants gain important skills and tools within the project lifecycle – from planning to post-implementation review. Participants work on a project of their own, so that they have a comprehensive project outline by the end of the workshop.

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Examples of significant consultancies include:

Developed and delivered the Emerging Leaders Program, initially for combined groups of academic and professional staff at CQUniversity Australia; and subsequently tailored for local government for four cohorts at Rockhampton Regional Council over about 10 years. The content is developed by Performance People, and incorporates many commonly used tools and processes.

Delivered elements of the Emerging Leaders Program and other leadership workshops for catchment management organisations in Central, North and Western Queensland.

Developed and delivered leadership training to a cohort of (mostly) newly minted line managers in a community organisation. Specific areas of focus include accountability, role congruence, leadership identity, and conducting difficult conversations. The series of workshops included telephone coaching in leadership practice with participants (about 25 people). These short coaching sessions were held between training workshops to link the training to on-the-job practice. Also, acting as a sounding board for issues and activities, and providing sage advice where appropriate.

Reworked the Emerging Leadership Program at CQUniversity Australia for delivery by webinar to the far-flung geographical elements of the University. Successfully delivered many years before Covid-19 made these kinds of initiatives fashionable.