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Business Excellence Tool

As part of our sponsorship of the Rockhampton Regional Development Limited & Ergon Energy Business Excellence Awards, and subsequently the Capricorn Tourism & Economic Development Ltd & Ergon Energy Tourism Business Awards, Performance People created a tool for assessing the excellence of organisations. The tool was developed to provide a transparent method of assessing the excellence of organisations by applying a range of relevant criteria. If you are interested in using the tool, please contact us via the Contact Us page.

The Elements of Excellence

1. Strategic Planning - Because if organisations do not plan for the future, they will not be prepared for the future.

2. Competitive Advantage - Because organisations must compete to be successful.  This can mean competing in the usual way with other organisations offering the same products and services; or competing with other demands for the resources needed to be successful.

3. Innovation - Which assists organisations in meeting ongoing challenges and being at the forefront of their industry.

4. Customer Service - Because we know that quality is defined by our customers, so excellence is achieved by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

5. Staff Development - Because the statement that ‘people are our most important asset’ is true.

6. Social & Environmental Responsibility - Because organisations exist within a wider social and environmental context, and must attend to their obligations in this context.

Online Sources of Advice

1. Strategic Planning

Management Alternatives Pty Ltd provides a strategic planning outline, see their website.
A series of practical videos on creating the strategic plan by Erica Olsen, author of Strategic Planning for Dummies.

2. Competitive Advantage

Michael Porter's ‘generic strategies’ are explained clearly and with a diagram, search for QuickMBA Porter's Generic Strategies.
Seth Godin challenges people to consider how their product/service differs from others.

3. Innovation

Fast Company, an ezine, has many articles on innovation.  Here are a few of them.
Ideo presents (mainly) product innovation in a hectic way.  See if you can see the pattern.

4. Customer Service

A thought provoking, upbeat blog about customer services and building customer loyalty, by Shep Hyken.
Fast Company, an ezine, also has articles on customer service.  Here are a few of them.

5. Staff Development

Our staff development services.
An audio podcast:  Harvard Business Review Ideacast #83 Learning Organisations (requires iTunes)

6. Social & Environmental Responsibility

An Ideo pattern that is specifically about corporate social responsibility.
A thought provoking slideshow called ‘The Future of Green Business Strategy’.
(if you are interested in ecomagination, here is an interesting report from GE:  Ecomagination Ten Years Later: Proving that Efficiency and Economics Go Hand-in-Hand )

The Development Process

If you are interested in 'how' we developed the tool, you may wish to read the following: Stephanie Jackson, Julie Tanner, Michelle Major and Sharyn Lowth have provided support, encouragement and feedback during the development of the Business Excellence Tool.

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