Strategic & Business Planning

Strategic & Business Planning

We work with clients to assist in developing strategic and business plans. The approach varies according to needs and context. Generally this involves a facilitated workshop to undertake a situational analysis and identify strategic goals for the organisation, and the collation of the workshop outcomes into a Strategic Plan. For a more thorough process, this might involve interviewing internal and external stakeholders, and setting pre-work to understand the organisation’s strategic context.

Geoff’s role is primarily as facilitator, and involves asking questions and introducing activities which encourage people to participate actively in the development of the Strategic Plan. People’s contributions are captured and incorporated into the Strategic Plan.

Examples of significant activities include:

Working closely with the CEO at a not-for-profit community organisation to develop a three-year Strategic Plan that reflects current and future growth and organisational development activities. This included surveys and interviews with key stakeholders across Central Queensland, and a series of discussions resulting in draft versions of the Strategic Plan.

For a community-controlled Indigenous organisation in the community sector, working with the Board and CEO to develop a Strategic Plan. Tasks included planning a workshop with the Board Chair and CEO, facilitating the development of a Strategic Plan as a one-day workshop. (This has been undertaken at roughly three year intervals for a dozen years.)

Developing a comprehensive framework for Business Planning for a community-controlled Indigenous health organisation. This included developing sample reports and training materials, and rolling out workshops for practicing managers to educate them in the framework and facilitate their hands-on development of ‘first drafts’.

With the Principal of an Independent School, developing a workshop to assist the Board in choosing priority activities, including timelines and identifying risks and opportunities. The workshop was a key activity working towards a Strategic Plan for the school.

Working with the Board and an Independent Science Panel to develop a new Strategic Plan for the local catchment performance reporting organisation. As a mature organisation, the focus was on opportunities to expand the current products and services and renewing engagement with community and other stakeholders. The Strategic Plan is a single page, accompanied by a detailed background document.